11 May, 2010

Hair Care for Colored Hairs

Three are various types of the hair colour are present which contains large or small amount of chemicals which are affects to hair. For this we can choose the best quality and which have small amount of chemical contains which give beautiful look to your hair.

Taking good after color care is as important as choosing the right shade for your hair. As colored hair is more prone to drying hence have a regular trim to get rid of dry and split ends.
First, let's review the basic "laws" of color.
Coloring can safely be done every 6 to 8 weeks or so. But these processes can make your hair more likely to break.
Wash your brushes and combs regularly to get rid of excess oil and old skin cells. Here's how: Remove hair from brushes and combs. Fill the sink with hot water and a squirt of shampoo and let soak. Rinse well and let air dry.
Apply the mixture to the roots or ends to determine the outcome. You can protect the test strand from the other hair by wrapping a piece of tin foil around the strand and securing it with a clip.
Color-treated hair will suck up moisture like a sponge, so don’t forget this crucial step in maintaining color vibrancy.
Natural hair care products are rich in herbal extracts. These products help in retaining the soft and smooth texture of your hair.
While cleaning your hair, this shampoo will restore the hydro- and vitamin-balance of the hair roots and scalp’s skin. The special formula, based on the active Dead Sea Minerals and enriched with vitamins, neutralize the harmful environment effects, protects from UV light, add shine and softness to your hair.
The chemicals in hair coloring can be harsh and harmful to your hair if you don't know what you're doing or if you color or perm too often. How peroxide and ammonia react with your hair is directly related to the level and kind of product you're using.

When mixed with your favorite color, it actually makes the color penetrate hard to cover gray hair and take to the hair like never before. Finally, Hair Colors won't fade so fast on gray hair.
To add shine to the hair apply an egg yolk or a whole egg. If the hair is dry use egg yolk and for oily hair apply the whole egg.

The color of the hair also remains the same after washing with this shampoo and leaves her hair shiny and appearing vibrant and healthy. This shampoo contains 2 UV filters that keeps the color of the hair same for a long time period.
Colored hair needs to be moisturized properly to keep the color and brilliance. Hair cosmetics for dyed hair maintain the new color, but you can provide your hair with additional humidity for longer lasting shine.
To keep your colored hair in best possible condition, ask your hairdresser to prescribe specific color-protect cleansing baths and restructuring treatments for your hair and color type.

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