17 May, 2010

Overcome the clot Mascara

Mascara is a mandatory item for women. Often, however, caking of mascara on eyelashes. Here are tips to overcome them.

Apply mascara for some women is a mandatory ritual that must be done when the make-up. By wearing mascara women appear more confident with thick eyelashes and flicks. The problem when applying mascara, often lumpy when disapukan to the eyelashes. To overcome gumpalannya follow these tips:

1. Prior to running her mascara, dab a little jelly to potroleum eyelashes. Potroleum jelly will soften and separate the strands of eyelashes, so it will avoid lumps.

2. Do not put baby oil because its function is different from potoleum jelly. Instead of baby oil will make the perfect mascara can not be attached to the eyelashes.

3. Mascara brush lightly from the base to the tip of an eyelash. Do not dip the brush back to the recesses eyelashes, if want to repeat the demonstration. This makes the liquid mascara on the lashes instead clot, and the results are not natural.

4. If you already clumping mascara, eye or take brush mascara brush is dry. Then comb the eyelashes in one direction. Then point the brush in a zig zag to eliminate residual clumping mascara.

5. Another way to eliminate the clumping mascara, prepare a cotton bud which has been given a little eye makeup remover, and rub on the part of the clot. Eyelashes would be free of lumps

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