19 May, 2010

Top 10 foods for healthy hair

When talking about the health of the hair, not only about what you give to your hair are counted, but also what is provided on your body.
"Soap, rinse, repeat" may be standard advice, but shampoo and conditioner alone will not provide a healthy hair you desire. To be able to have hair that looks healthy, you need to get out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.

"Your hair grows about 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 inch every month, and the foundation of all our new hair growth, skin and nails are nutrients that we eat," said Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, registered dietitian from Chicago. "If you eat healthy foods, you will grow stronger and more cells exist in healthy throughout your body - inside and outside."

If you were born with fine hair, thin, you'll never have thick hair that hung down, no matter what you consume, but a balanced diet including a large number of proteins that can increase hair growth and iron can make a difference, experts said nutrition and hair.

And be careful with complementary foods / supplements that are often said to thicken hair or make hair grow faster. These products could be wrong.

"Although you can find the supplements for beauty on the shelves of most stores, try to get the nutrients you need from food if possible," says Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a professor of dermatology in Vallejo, California. "In rare instances, taking supplements that contain certain nutrients in excess, such as vitamin A, is connected to hair loss."

Here are the top 10 foods that should be the foundation of food for your healthy hair.

No.1 healthy food: Salmon

If talking about the food that gives strength to beauty, hard to beat the salmon. Contains lots of omega 3 fatty acids, high-quality source of protein and also contains vitamin B-12 and iron.

"Omega-3 fatty acids is important because it is needed to help hair and scalp health," says Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD, a dietitian in Los Angeles and spokesman for the American Dietetic Association. "Lack of omega-3 fatty acids may cause dryness of the scalp and hair look dull or shiny."

You a vegetarian? Add one or in two teaspoons of canola oil in your daily diet in some plants, which have a fat-omega-3 fats.

No.2 healthy foods: vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables

Popeye the Sailor Man did not consume all the spinach for healthy hair, but he could have. Spinach, like broccoli and bits of Switzerland, is a source of vitamins A and C are very good, which is required by your body to produce sebum, the oil substance, which is issued by your hair follicles, which is the body's natural conditioner for hair.

Vegetables, dark green also contain iron and calcium.

Healthy Foods Rule 3: Beans-buncisan

Beans, beans, they're good for your hair .......?

Yes, it's true. Plants-legumes such as kidney beans and lentils or beans is an important part of food for your hair treatment. Not only contain an abundant protein that increases hair growth, but also contains much iron, zinc / zinc, and biotin (vitamin B8). Although rare, biotin deficiency can cause brittle hair.

Blatner, who is also spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, recommends consuming three cups or more of the plants pods or beans each week.

No.4 healthy foods: Nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the sources of the best natural selenium, an important mineral for the health of your scalp and hair.

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids which can help condition your hair. Walnuts are also a great source of zinc substances, like cashews, pecans and almonds. Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, so make sure nuts regularly have food on the menu for your hair health.

No.5 healthy foods: Poultry

Chickens and chicken turkey may have feathers, but high quality protein contained in poultry can help give you healthy hair is ideal.

"Without enough protein or low-quality protein, may be susceptible to brittle hair, while lacking much protein can cause loss of hair color," Giancoli said.

Poultry also contains iron with a degree of bioavailability (bioavailability) high, which means your body can easily obtain the benefits of poultry.

No.6 healthy foods: Eggs

If we talk about healthy hair, no matter whether you like your eggs stirred, fried or fried egg cooked. However the way cooked, egg is one of the best protein sources you can find.

Eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B-12, which is an essential nutrient for beauty.

No.7 healthy foods: Whole Wheat

Always eat whole wheat, including whole wheat bread and whole wheat breakfast cereal, for substance dose of zinc, iron and B vitamins your hair healthy.

Whole grain snacks are also good for your energy consumption has decreased during the afternoon half day, and you still have to wait for hours for dinner.

No.8 healthy foods: Oysters

Reputation oyster could have known better as an aphrodisiac (food or drink that is believed to help increase libido), but oysters can also make your hair healthy - and who does not like healthy hair?

The main ability is the substance of zinc in oysters - a powerful antioxidant. If oysters are not able to always have your food on the menu, do not despair. Additional zinc substances can be obtained from whole wheat and beans. You can also get zinc from substances beef and mutton.

Healthy food no. 9: Products of low-fat dairy products

Dairy products like low fat skim milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth. Dairy products also contain whey and casein, two high-quality protein source.

For some foods that can nourish the hair that can be taken away, put yogurt or cottage cheese into your bag, in case you want to snacking later. You can also improve the health of your hair by mixing two teaspoons canola oil or walnuts for omega-3 fatty acids and zinc substance.

No.10 healthy foods: Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which improves the hair and skin health with good eyesight.

Because the scalp and healthy hair is important to make it look shiny, a good head of hair condition, very wise if you put carrots in your diet as snacks or as a layer over your salad.

Balanced diet for healthy hair.

If we talk about food for healthy hair and beauty, a varied diet is the best way.

"Foods that are balanced as a whole from the proteins that are not fat, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, peas plants, fatty fish like salmon and low-fat milk will help keep your hair stay healthy," Giancoli said.

If you are tempted to lose a few quick puncher with a fad diet (a diet), the latest one, can cause your hair to be less healthy - along with the sound of your stomach. Foods that are low in calories are often too low in some of the most important nutrients for healthy hair, such as omega-3 fatty acids, substances zinc, and vitamin A. In addition to slowing hair growth and cause fragility of the hair, very low-calorie foods can even cause hair loss.

"Diet can affect the hard hair cycle," said Mirmirani. "Losing significant weight in a short time can affect the rhythm of a normal hair. Two to three months later, you will see the addition of significant hair loss. This is a temporary problem that can be cured with a more varied diet."

source: http://www.medicalera.com

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