06 May, 2010

Hair Care Tips Easy and Cheap

We can be sure almost all women want to have a manicured hair healthy and beautiful to the eye. Unfortunately, busy work is often an obstacle to care for themselves in the beauty center.

Besides being more expensive, the beauty centers, generally it will take many hours, while from morning to evening time already spent in office. For convenience and time efficiency of course, hair care can also be done at home.

Here are some tips on caring for your hair to a healthy thing you can do at home:

1. To avoid the dull with the broken ends, you must be diligent creambath least once a week.

With so many stores that sell cosmetic cream for creambath from various famous brands, you can easily do at home creambath care.

Available with a choice of ginseng, one-aring, walnut, celery, and aloe vera, you can make choices based on your hair needs. To blacken hair for example, that contain hazelnut cream pilihlan, while strengthening hair roots, choose a cream containing ginseng.

The trick is quite easy, after a massage to the degree necessary, ungkep hair with warm towel for several minutes as a substitute for process steam in the beauty center. After that wash hair as usual.

2. If the ends of your hair still broken even if you are diligent creambath, that means you need a hair hair hair spa in order to get better nutrition.

Hair Spa aims to restore the damaged hair. The process was more or less the same as creambath and has many shops that sell cosmetics ingredients.

Third. If you have an aloe vera plant, the traditional heritage of this recipe may be practiced to get a shiny healthy hair.
How, after the meat take aloe vera shampoo for diusapkan on the scalp, leave some time to dry out. Nisacaya your hair will grow thick and lustrous.

4. Also you can mix one teaspoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons aloe vera meat that has been destroyed to be used as shampoo. It is said that this shampoo will make a fresh scalp and hair becomes soft. Easy and cheap is not it?

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