06 May, 2010

Organizing Tips To Straight Hair Beauty

Long hair, straight, and tidy at all times is still a dream of women. Long hair so that you stay beautiful always, follow these tips:

1. Shampoo, then dry your hair.
Gently pat the hair is still damp after shampooing until damp. Then apply a silicone cream to provide moisture to the hair and holding her hair so that clay is not sticking out.

2. Dry as usual
So that straight hair looks neat, do the drying of the scalp to the ends of the hair. Take a hair brush, hair dryer tip directed downward. For the hair on the back of the head, do not forget to dry the inside first. The trick, grab some outer hair back, fix up, then dry hair on the inside. Afterwards, a new drain was clamped part.

3. Vise per section
If you dry your hair a sexy little by little, the heat from the tool vise will sink faster. For thicker hair or coarse, use more hot vise.

In order for hair drying (blow-dry) you stand up to 3 days or more, try to:
- Wrapping hair with a silk scarf before heading to bed. Point, to keep the strands of hair-strands are not flying.
- Use a thick protective plastic hair (shower cap) when going to bathe, not thin like that of the hotel.
- After drying my hair, do not forget to change his mode with cold air. Point to keep the no hair sticking out.
- Do not use a hat or hair clips, because it will leave a mark on the hair.

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