16 May, 2010

Step 4 Thin Hair Care

Do not think that thin hair can not look beautiful. With the right pieces as well as routine maintenance, the hair will look more attractive.

You can maintain softness, health and the glossiness of hair with his own treatment at home and do not need hair products containing chemicals.

1. Haircut
The first thing you should do is change your hairstyle. Bob pieces more suitable, adjust the cut to the shape of your face, ask further to your hair stylist. With this piece will make hair look fuller and fluffy. Do not leave your hair grow long, let alone past the shoulders. This makes the hair look thinner.

2. Reduce the Use Conditioner
Thin, fragile hair with oils containing materials, such as contained in the conditioner. This fact will make the hair becomes limp. The solution is, use the conditioner only at the ends of hair only. Also, do not wash your hair too often, just two or three days.

3. Washing Hair With Goat Milk
Goat's milk is useful for maintaining the existing natural oils on the scalp. Functions that oil production in the scalp is not excessive. But by no means makes the scalp and hair become dry, this treatment will continue to maintain humidity. Make a shampoo as usual by using the shampoo, then apply the milk on the hair, then let stand for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Goat's milk can be found in traditional markets. Please note before you apply to the hair of goat's milk, boiled milk beforehand to keep kehigienisannya.

4. Scalp massage
Although thin your hair, massage the scalp can make hair beautiful. Do not worry your hair will fall out. With the proper way, loss will not occur. Simply use your fingers to the direction of play and you can put your head down to the bottom to help blood flow to the scalp. Make sure not to use nails and put extra pressure on telampau hard.

Now you're still pretty thin hair, by doing these four basic treatment.

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