17 May, 2010

beautify the appearances with the Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrows are the frame face. Therefore, form the right eyebrow in order to maximize facial features.

Brows with perfect shape will enhance your appearance. Beauty expert Bobbi Brown also admitted that the easiest way to create change is to form the eyebrows.

Here are tips to create a perfect eyebrow:

Trim eyebrow hair

Before you lift, brow brush terbelih first. Trim the long eyebrow hair and the hair that grows downward. Shaving using the scissors to my eyebrows shaved eyebrows perfectly.

Eyebrow Shape

1. Before pulling eyebrows, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the desired shape eyebrow.

2. In order for an eyebrow curved lines not too long or too short measure using an eyebrow pencil. Do I put the pencil tip of the nose and screw up diagonally in the center of the eye. We met with an eyebrow pencil and there curved lines to be formed.

3. Having obtained an eyebrow shape, you can pull out. However, for natural results, is not recommended for

shave your eyebrows, still retain shape your eyebrows. Trim division just a mess.

Fine-tune with eyebrow pencil

Then use colored eyebrow pencils to form the tip of his eyebrows. It is used to reinforce shape eyebrows. Choose a color eyebrow pencils that match the skin. More impressive natural brown color compared to black eyebrow pencil.

Notice the color of his eyebrows, do not be too dark or bright, as it might seem strange and unnatural.

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