13 May, 2010

Precise content of Products for Lips

The skin on the lips thinner than other facial parts. However, the skin on the lips are often exposed to high humidity from the breath and light exposure. Drinking water in sufficient quantities to the body is one way to prevent skin dryness. However, equally important is the selection of products used on the lips, because the wrong choice can make the lips more dry. Here's a guide:

Materials should be sought in products for lips
Look for products lip balm or lip gloss with the material content of Shea butter or beeswax. Both will be covering the lips is good enough to keep the humidity as it reduces fluid loss and trans-epidermal skin mengelupasnya. Petroleum oils are widely used as a base for lip gloss. In addition, olive oil, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, and lanolin are also often used in products for the lips. Additional vitamin E and other nutrients are also good for the lips.

Materials to be avoided
Alcohol, because it can make skin dry. Some matte lipsticks contain this material. Besides menthol and camphor (camphor) can also make the lips more dry. Although at first will feel good and cold on the lips, but over time it will make the lips dry.

To overcome the skin dry lips
One way to overcome the peeling skin on the lips is to mengeksfoliasinya. The trick, as will washing your face, add a little sugar on cleaning fluid and rub gently on the lips. Unlike the salt, sugar scrub is a natural material that will not make skin dry.
Another way, by rubbing the lips with a gentle toothpaste. But do not use toothpaste that contains mint since it makes the skin dry. Take a little toothpaste, rub rubbed on the lips to dry and peeling skin.

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  1. I always apply lip balm on my lips at bedtime to prevent lip dryness.

    Thanks for all the other tips in this website!