27 May, 2010

Natural Hair Care Avocado Fruit

Unlike other tropical fruits, fruit of this one really be a hobby many people. Although the issue of whack cholesterol, but do not make people eat so sour. The fruit is yellow and green color combination is indeed contain vegetable fat, but that does not mean you should not eat them. It's okay to why, occasionally, heart-healthy avocado instead.

Avocados are rich in vitamin A, contain anti-bacterial, anti-oxidants and most importantly, as a natural moisturizer. Therefore, consuming 100 grams of avocado three times a week without sugar, it will make your skin more healthy and shiny.

Moisturizernya content in addition to help moisturize dry skin, can also be menutrisi damaged hair. Beneficial for the hair itself has proved a lot of people. No wonder if the avocado was asked to be one material or hair spa creambath used to treat and menutrisi hair.

Avocados make hair stronger, shiny, healthy and loose. If your hair is usually not easily arranged, by utilizing the nutrients from the delicious fruit is not going to give your hair a lot more problems for you.

Besides being used as basic materials creambath, avocado is also good to use as a conditioner. If you can not easily find it on the market, then you can make your own


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