13 May, 2010

Younger with Makeup

Face Makeup is the step where you beautify but also can make you worse. Make-up can also make you look younger or older. For that, you see the makeup in order to give the impression younger.

Makeup or makeup that is too thick or too much can make you look older. Wearing eye makeup is too thick to make you look several years older.

Use a lighter color of lipstick. Darker color lipstick that is suitable for people whose lips were full. According to age so your lips also tend to become thinner. So you better use a lighter color of lipstick.

Make it modern makeup. You do not necessarily have to follow all the make-up trend but do not always use the type and style makeup the same.

Which color eyeliner younger. Very dark eyeliner can make the appearance of being too harsh and insisted fine lines around the eyes. Replace black eyeliner with a charcoal color, dark gray, navy blue and similar colors. Trim eyebrows. Try to make your makeup eyebrows a little fuller than you make my eyebrows are too thin because it will give the impression older. So if you want your makeup, you should Customise with an atmosphere that will show you attend. Good style.

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