13 May, 2010

Simple Makeup Tips That Attract

Natural makeup make-up other than a very fitting use for ngantor, also suitable for job interviews or to attend an event at noon. The equipment required for waja simple dressing is all casual makeup products, powder, brow pencil, eye shadow, lip liner and mascara. The following are tips on how to do simple makeup interesting:

1. Makeup smeared his face with concealer under eye, align with the fingertips.
2. Using face makeup stick foundation for 'mendempul' face, then flatten with your fingers.
3. Use the powder to the whole makeup makeup, so that the color evenly, especially at the bottom of the eye. It's important to get the perfect makeup base.
4. Select a brown eyebrow pencil to reinforce the line of eyebrows. Avoid black eyebrow pencil to give the impression that the face of 'bitch'.
5. Brush the color brown eye shadow on the eyelid, then frames the eyes with eyeliner.
6. Dab blusher (Blush on) to the ear.
7. Makeup makeup by applying lip liner to correct the form and select lipstic shiny lips neutral color.
8. Brush mascara top and bottom lashes, each two times.

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